This week we’re kicking off our weekly Orbit webinars, where we’ll show you how you can get up and running, and learn all the ins and outs of the product within 30 minutes. After this webinar, we hope that you’ll have a feeling for how it can help you take control of your files and improve collaboration with your colleagues. (We secretly also hope to get you excited about new features that’ll help you even more with your daily file management operations.)

Goodbye messy folders, hello Orbit

Changing a way of working may seem scary, time-consuming and risky, even if you’re constantly dealing with frustrations and know there must be a better way. So, what if we tell you that there is a better way? And that you can start immediately with as many colleagues as you like and at no cost?

We know this almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Orbit could very well be your golden ticket to get you away from outdated and messy folders, and ineffective methods for creative file management. 

For anyone who’s struggled to find the right file in the “right folder”, and has to walk across the office to ask a colleague for the latest version: there is hope!

Here are a few things you will learn from the webinar: 

Be professional and customize your brand portal

Create a branded portal that your company will love to use by customizing it to your brand’s look & feel in under a minute. Get rid of generic, unbranded solutions and move towards something that showcases the uniqueness of your brand.

Once your colleagues start using your branded portal, you can be sure that it’ll become the company’s very own internal source of truth for all things content.

Be the driver and empower your team

Leverage Orbit’s storing and sharing capabilities and consolidate all file-related activities in one place. Start ditching file transfer tools that put limitations on you, and start setting your own ground rules for how your company and external parties collaborate with files.

By reducing the amount of clutter and centralizing your operations in one tool, you’ll see an immediate shift in the way you can spend your time more effectively.

Be efficient and maximize the use of creative files

Make your files accessible by using the best tagging practices and creating shareable collections. Never download a file again just to see what it is; simply do a quick search and preview files in your portal.

Enriching asset information helps your team share, use and reuse the creative files so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste (i.e. buried in the ‘folder graveyard’).

Be there: Every Tuesday at 10am ET/ 4pm CEST

Bynder Orbit makes it easy to start managing files at no cost so that you never have to ask a colleague for a file ever again!