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Big data x DAM Analytics: A recipe for some much-needed clarity on content quality

Digital asset management analytics is now a feature within Bynder, helping marketers measure content performance, prove ROI, and ultimately unlock the data you need to discover your winning assets.

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How to enhance your digital content with online feedback

With so much digital content being created these days, gaining online feedback from your audience at all stages of the content lifecycle is essential for your content strategy. Kees Wolters from Mopinion delivers top tips on how to do this. 

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World-leading research firm Forrester names Bynder ‘Strong Performer’

The 2018 Forrester Wave report has been released, comparing the top vendors from the digital asset management industry.

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Digital asset management for video

To engage with the modern consumer, your content marketing strategy must be heavy on video. A DAM will help you create killer video content, faster. 

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How to build a fashion empire on Instagram in 5 simple steps

Fashion Nova has created a global network of 11 million+  #NovaBabes with nothing more than Instagram. How did they do it? 

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Big data & DAM: A power partnership for your content strategy

Big data demands big content. Find out why digital asset management gives marketers the helping hand their content strategy sorely needs

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5 brands showing the world how chatbots should really be done

Many of today's brands are taking advantage of the latest developments in chatbot technology with some pretty impressive results. See our selection of 5 brands that are setting the gold standard for chatbots in 2018.

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4 cloud-based tools marketers need to be using in 2018

Check out our pick of 4 cloud-based digital tools to help you nail your marketing strategy in 2018. 

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