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Google Single Sign-On and Why It Is SSO So Convenient

Most people these days use Google in one capacity or another, either in their personal or professional life, or both.

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Pre-Select Downloads, New Upload Screen, and Workflow Dashboard

We have a fantastic new batch of functionalities being released this month. The following are some of our favourites.

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Bynder 4.2 Release and beyond

Bynder 4.2+ is Coming Soon! We are great fans of the infinite learning curve. In practice, this means that our development team continues to work hard every day on further improving and expanding Bynder. We want to leave nothing to our clients' imaginations, so when we do receive customer feedback, we always take it into account. ...

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Bynder 4.1 Release

We love continuous improvement! Therefore, we have expanded our Bynder Enterprise Brand Portal to include these new features:

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Bynder 4.0 Brand Portal Release

Marketing Resource Management Made Easy. With version 4.0, we have extended our digital asset management solution to now include user-friendly marketing resource management modules:

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Bynder 3.2 Release

As the Bynder image bank becomes more extensive with every update, it is becoming more challenging to keep things as user friendly and intuitive as we'd like the system to be. Therefore, with Update 3.2 we're launching a complete re-design of Bynder. ...

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Bynder 3.1 Release

Let's give you a little insight on what we've been working on for our all Bynder customers for the 3.1 update: Connect Bynder to your website! We're adding a Mura CMS plugin next to our Drupal plugin. /  Embed Bynder (Like Brands & Collections) right into your own website!

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Bynder 3.0 Release

In update 3.0 we set up and fully integrated Bynder with Amazon Web Services! This is a pretty "Techy" update that made the system even faster, more scalable, and more reliable. We're pretty excited about this, and to tell you about the ever increasing standards we can now deliver you!

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Bynder 2.9 release

We're all pretty chuffed about this release. It features a great new search-engine built on a modern new framework.Amongst others, for the 2.9 release we've focused on a new brands overview page with sub brands and additional file type support. ...

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