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Can WhatsApp Ever Be a Marketing Tool?

With 800 million active users worldwide, WhatsApp's marketing potential is huge. We explored the possibilities of WhatsApp as a marketing tool.

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Instagram Ads: A New Tool for Brand Storytelling

We took a look at what the new Instgram Ads mean for brands.

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MarTech Strategy, How Do You Roll?

In his guest post for MarTech Advisor, Jeroen Verdonk, Head of Corporate Development at Bynder, suggests the portfolio approach rather than ready suites is the best approach to build the marketing stack.

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How to Get the Most out of Influencer Marketing

Still figuring out the ins and outs of of Influencer Marketing? Read our guide on implementing an influencer marketing plan. 

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4 Simple Steps To Create a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead nurturing campaigns give your company the ability to cultivate a relationship with your customer base. Get the most out of your customers with the 4 steps to running a successful lead nurturing campaign. 

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How to Make Your Marketing Ideas Stand Out

Marketing is all about having content that will make sure your target audience is talking about the same ideas, events, and happenings. Get your marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd with these fresh ideas. 

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