Digital Asset Management

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A Game-Changer For Your Digital Media Supply Chain

We live in a world that is becoming more and more digitalized. Having caught on to the trend, most corporations, both small and large, try to keep up and profit from the fast pace of advancement in technology. 

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PIM: The Tangible Benefits

A product information management (PIM) tool is an absolute necessity if your company works with product images in any capacity.

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Amazon Web Services and Bynder

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of those necessary tools that is ubiquitous, yet few truly understand how it works or how it originated in spite of the fact that we all reap its benefits on a daily basis. With this blog post, I want to give ordinary folk (of which I decidedly am one!) a better understanding of why we at Bynder choose to be partners with Amazon Web Services.

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Comparing DAM Software

If you are on the hunt for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, you have probably already done your research regarding selection of vendors. Moreover, you are probably at the stage where you have realized that all vendors offer different features geared towards meeting different requirements.

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Content Marketing as the Beginning of Something New

Content marketing isn’t about you, the marketer - it’s about your website visitor, the prospective client. Business is no different than private interactions in that you always make a better first impression when you don’t talk about yourself the entire time. ...

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The hidden costs of on-premise software and storage

Our customers often consider various types of Brand Portal solutions, and especially with DAM-focused projects, local storage solutions might seem tempting. But hidden costs are easily overlooked. Here are some tips to help prevent surprises: 

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Digital Asset Management Storage: how much do we need?

We get quite a few RFI's (requests for proposals) from companies, so they can compare offerings fairly. More than often we see that there are high expectations of the storage amounts needed.

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Open-source Digital Asset Management

Recent figures have shown that there are at least 16 open source DAM solutions available out there. These are primarily web-based, yet in some cases a tradition desktop client is provided. Strictly speaking, some of these should be defined as ECM suites - so-called Enterprise Content Management systems.

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What makes the perfect online image bank software?

I often lay awake at night wondering what the next steps for our image bank software should be. Where's the industry going? What's the bottleneck for our customers? And what will it be next year? So, what makes the best digital asset management tool?

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