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Holiday countdown: 25 days of marketing with Bynder

Hate it or love it, but it’s time to dust off the old christmas balls, buy some new gifts and prepare yourself for the multi-day binge-eating fest we call Christmas. As we slowly approach this day we would like to bring some joy by providing you with some best practises  in marketing. Everyday we have a new tip or trick, handy tool, or just something very cool.

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6 game-changing online marketing trends for 2017

As the year draws to an end, marketing teams worldwide assemble and take a glimpse into the upcoming game-changing trends. More content on even more channels and digital transformation are of course still on the menu, but what else does 2017 hold?

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Community building: The effect of third-space branding

We’ve been interacting—whether subconsciously or not—with the third space for much longer than we may have realized.

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How to create your brand's social media strategy in 4 steps

Organizations all over the world struggle with building the right brand image on social media—arguably the most crucial marketing platform of our era. Every social media action you take should play a key role in achieving your wider business marketing goals on the desired platform.

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No CX Without EX

Customer experience (CX) has dominated the discussion around achieving success in business. But how can this be achieved without a good employee experience (EX)? 

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This Interface sUX! Why You’re Doing UX Design Wrong

A new or improved “UX,” or user interface, seems to be high on everyone’s list of priorities these days. I’ve read several analyst reports, blog posts, and roadmaps from other vendors that all list a redesigned UX as either being on their roadmap or among their list of recent accomplishments. 

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Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday - the most important day of the year for e-commerce retailers and online shoppers looking for amazing deals.

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DPI's, vs. Resolution vs. English

Sometimes you hear the Print guy saying: "It needs to be 300DPI!!" , or the Photograher mumbiling: "the images are high-res, raw JPEG, should be fine", and all you bring out is: "WTF?" DPI, pixels, JPEG, PMS, RBG colors, EPS files, screen resolution? Dazzled by mambo-jambo? We'll help you out and explain what it all means... in English!

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