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How to deliver a winning customer experience in 2019

World-leading research firm Forrester recently released their business Predictions for 2019, and the growing focus on customer experience is a major takeaway that brands will need to stay on top of in the new year. 

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World-leading research firm Forrester names Bynder ‘Strong Performer’

The 2018 Forrester Wave report has been released, comparing the top vendors from the digital asset management industry.

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5 things to look for in your first DAM

Make sure your first DAM is a solid investment that's built to last. Check out our helpful tips to help you build up a business case for a DAM in your own organization.

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How Nautilus saves time and designs better with Bynder

"The ROI of Bynder is seen in the time it saves us, the increased number of assets in circulation, and the improved productivity of our design operations."

Fitness giant Nautilus share their own experiences of using Bynder to manage their creative content. 

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The magic of tidying your digital files

Tidying-guru Marie Kondo accredits organization to an improved well-being. This is also relevant at work; the comfort of our digital space is just as important as our domestic surroundings. Taxonomy-based storage systems like digital asset management can help 'tidy' your digital belongings and allievate the stress of complex folder systems. Declutter with DAM for some peace of mind.

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Bynder's creative cloud connector: assets, instantly

Designers can now access their assets easily, from the convience of their Adobe CC programs. With drag and drop features, quick upload and download options and access to their DAM in just a few clicks, designers can cut the hassle, and spend more time on creativity.

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Taxonomy, it's an art

Scientists have been using taxonomy systems for centuries, so there's no excuse to lag behind when it comes to organizing files. While folder systems can spiral out of control, taxonomy solutions provide a solid structure for companies to grow and dicover new possibilities and potentials. It's time to stop living in the dark ages of digital assets. 

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How digital asset management helps customer marketing

Most buyers will trust peer-to-peer recommendations over other forms of advertising, which is why you should let your customers speak for you. Customer marketing can drive your brand campaigns and let your brilliance be known. Here's how digital asset management can help you create your most effective piece of marketing colleteral: the customer case study.

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Bynder launches Drupal 8 integration

Drupal is a free open-source content management system (CMS) used to make websites and applications. Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. It’s built for easily creating versatile, structured content and connecting powerful integration tools.

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4 key lessons from trustworthy brands

It's a great thing to be confident in your brand, but it's more important to be realistic. A trustworthy brand is going to keep your clients coming back to you, over your competitors. We've taken a look at some of the most reputable brands out there, and narrowed down some of the key principles of building a trustworthy brand

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