Context is queen

#1.2 Context is queen - a mini-series

It’s Monday - the big launch day! Thanks to the usage rights defined and linked to archive and release date, New Looks’ marketing teams get to see the brand new shiny content! The content owners also put together a new toolkit of a set of logos, fonts and colors in the guidelines. The guidelines are interlinked with the Asset Library. Marketers are able to read through the new instructions now and download the respective files straight away. New Looks' marketing team need everything packages into InDesign so that they can get going on collaterals with their agency partners.

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Context is queen - a mini-series

My brain is suffering from information overflow. Whether it's a shared document I’m reading to get background information, a meeting I’m attending to brainstorm or a webinar I’m dialling in to, there’s content everywhere! People love producing content these days. I find it both a blessing and a curse and I’ll tell you why.

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