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Brand Recognition: 3 Tech Companies Who Nailed It

In today’s digital world, it’s more and more important for brands to stand out and develop a unique identity. Here's how 3 companies built a recognizable brand.

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How to Market Your Brand From the Inside Out

How to market your brand inside your company. If you’re a brand manager, you know that enforcing consistent brand communication for your whole company is the most important aspect of your job. However, if you find yourself struggling, you just may be doing it wrong. 

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Brand Trust

Trust is a vital component of human relationships, whether it is trust in our friendships, our financial advice, our business partners, or even the contents of our food.

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Promoting Your Brand During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is not yet upon us, yet marketeers and PR departments around the world are already preparing.Christmas is a time of both giving and taking. Corporations have long accepted that in order to get on the good side of their customers, it is worthwhile to embrace the giving part.

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Let's Get Visual

Marketeers today understand that text alone just is not good enough anymore. Visual marketing is increasingly becoming a more and more important part of how marketing departments interact with their public, as well as how the public interacts with itself.

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How We Rebranded Bynder in One Week

We did it! We rebranded Bynder. Moreover, we did it in one week! If that sounds incredible and unrealistic to you, that’s because it sort of is. Take my word for it, however, it’s the truth – exceeding expectations is just how we roll!

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The Top 5 Goals of Marketers for 2014

The Content Marketing Institute together with Marketing Profs recently released “B2B Content Marketing Report 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends”. In it, they present the top 5 goals of marketers for 2014. 

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Content Marketing as the Beginning of Something New

Content marketing isn’t about you, the marketer - it’s about your website visitor, the prospective client. Business is no different than private interactions in that you always make a better first impression when you don’t talk about yourself the entire time. ...

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