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Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday - the most important day of the year for e-commerce retailers and online shoppers looking for amazing deals.

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Re-Launching a Website? Don't Forget About SEO

Inevitably, your key concern while re-launching your website will probably be the design: your brand spanking new website should be fresher, less cluttered, more modern. After all, your website is your company’s digital identity, your imprint on the internet, and your key priority is making sure that you make only the most thought out, careful changes how others perceive your company.

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Branding A Commodity

Brand consultants love a challenge, which is why, around a year ago, there was somewhat of a furor in our department when a well-known German toilet paper manufacturer called to book a consultation session...

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DPI's, vs. Resolution vs. English

Sometimes you hear the Print guy saying: "It needs to be 300DPI!!" , or the Photograher mumbiling: "the images are high-res, raw JPEG, should be fine", and all you bring out is: "WTF?" DPI, pixels, JPEG, PMS, RBG colors, EPS files, screen resolution? Dazzled by mambo-jambo? We'll help you out and explain what it all means... in English!

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The Web as your extended Desktop?

Developing a full-on web application that is suitable as an enterprise-solution is a painstaking process. It requires focus, a lot of energy, and Time. In short, one could argue that it requires passion. At Bynder, we feel very strongly that also corporate applications can be, or even need to be, intuitive to use, simple to understand, and great to look at.

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