So, What Makes Bynder Different?

So, What Makes Bynder Different?

So, What Makes Bynder Different?

Our product manager Mark Tenniglo explains more about our unique approach and what makes Bynder special.

What makes Bynder different? Video from Bynder Brand Portal.

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Video Summary

So what makes Bynder unique?

We always try and approach everything from an end user perspective. We don’t start from a technical point of view, we always see what we need to solve for our client. In order to do so we are running fully cloud based. This means that we don’t have old legacy code underneath it and we can adapt really quickly to market changes. We try to do this by combining experienced people with a lot of young developers who know the latest techniques and can also blend it into their software. This means that we don’t need flash to get our application up and running and we can also work on mobile, tablet and all modern browsers.

Another part of this is listening to our customer feedback to ensure that we are relevant for our day to day work.

And finally another part of our team is focusing on improving existing functionality rather than building new functionality. This means that existing user experience will improve.

But of course don’t take my word for it. Try it out and download a demo today.