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Context is queen

I’m about to take you on a journey through some of our customers and industry-wide most commonly known strategic initiatives and use case stories.

Context is queen - a mini-series

My brain is suffering from information overflow. Whether it's a shared document I’m reading to get background information, a meeting I’m attending to brainstorm or a webinar I’m dialing in to, there’s content everywhere! People love producing content these days. I find it both a blessing and a curse and I’ll tell you why.

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#1.2 Context is queen - a mini-series

It’s Monday - the big launch day! Thanks to the usage rights defined and linked to archive and release date, New Looks’ marketing teams get to see the brand new shiny content! The content owners also put together a new toolkit of a set of logos, fonts, and colors in the guidelines. The guidelines are interlinked with the Asset Library. Marketers are able to read through the new instructions now and download the respective files straight away. New Looks' marketing team need everything packages into InDesign so that they can get going on collaterals with their agency partners.

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#1.3 Context is queen - a mini-series

Last week, we talked about how New Looks prepared and launched their new branding assets. Today, let's have a closer look at how their teams are now enabled to make use of those assets to create even more collaterals with them.

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#2.1 Context is queen - a mini-series

Everyone is talking about digital transformation these days but what does it actually entail? For the majority of companies, it’s not about digitizing files anymore, that’s long happened or is at least in progress. Digital transformation is a long-term strategic initiative, not just a trend that will pass. The fact that it looks different for every company and can mean different things, makes it even more complex. There is one constant across every aspect of it though: Digital transformation relies on digital content. In order to execute on any aspect of it, you need digital content and digital assets.

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#2.2 Context is queen - a mini-series

Last week we saw how our fictive retail company Paperless Office laid a foundation for digital transformation with DAM. Now that this is set up they are able to populate it to get their users on board. In the bulk upload it is easy to ingest large batches of assets into the DAM. The intuitive interface allows content managers and habilitated users to seamlessly add newly created material.

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#2.3 Context is queen - a mini-series

Last week we saw how Paperless Office benefits from using Bynder's asset library as the single source of truth. Now that the files are more visible than ever across the entire organization and best practices are shared, Paperless Office also wants to increase the external distribution to re-use their assets even more. Files are accessible now anywhere, anytime and ready to be shared!

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#3.1 Context is queen - a mini-series

Market expansion. What does it entail in the digital era? One thing is for sure, market expansion goes far beyond just setting up a new office or sticking a sales rep into a new market and hoping for the best.

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#3.2 Context is queen - a mini-series

When uploading my files, I can decide whether or not my colleagues can access those straight away, or if I only want my Dutch colleagues to access them. Maybe I also want to ensure that colleagues need to request the download first. Once I’ve tagged my files, I’m sending them for approval prior to publishing. That way, I can make sure a content admin checks that the files meet our standards for usage, so there’s no room for error.

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#4.1 Context is queen: Campaign it already! How Bynder facilitates bringing product launch campaigns to market

When you’re excited about getting a shiny new product out to the masses, the compulsion to get it out fast can be strong. When launching a campaign, timing is everything, so you can’t afford to come up against an unexpected bottleneck in the process. That’s why accessing, sharing, and collaborating on campaign materials prior to launch needs to be as frictionless as possible to ensure everything goes to plan.

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#4.2 Context is queen - a mini-series

Last week, we've shown how Rocketeer uses Bynder to find the right campaign for the product launch. Now, as part of their new product launch campaign, Rocketeer is working on a launch video. Fortunately, all relevant stakeholders can collaborate on all ongoing campaigns in one single space using Bynder’s Creative Workflow module. Once in the campaign container, all campaign jobs in progress are listed for a handy overview. As a marketer, I can simply filter these so I only see the ones I’m working on. In order to start working on the new launch video, the first step is to create a new job, which can be done directly from my personalized homepage.

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#5.1 Context is queen - a mini series - Encore, we’re back with more!

Going into a merger and wondering how to manage your branding? Hesitate no more, our Digital Brand Templates is what your creative team needs.

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#5.2 Context is queen: Free the designers!

Discover how Bynder's Digital Brand Templates can help your company boost brand consistency and publish content in-line with design principles.

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