Who remembers, or has heard watercooler conversations about, the good ole’ days of marketing? The simplicity of advertising billboards, televised adverts, and cold calling made the task of engaging a non-digital audience simple. Fast forward to today’s virtual environment where a social channel is in one day, and out the next, the creators, innovators, and storytellers not only have to keep track of emerging and dying trends—but fight for digital space where their audience can hear them.

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Preparing for battle

Creative work drives business results; so an ability to use, share and display digital content endlessly is what’s going to make a lasting impression. You know what doesn’t help? Living in a digital mess created by the improper use of digital files that limits the use of creative work. It’s survival of the fastest, and if you’re wasting valuable time and resources finding, managing, editing and sharing your work, you’re already falling behind your competitors.

Bynder Orbit was conceived because we know that everyone wants an easier way to manage their content—not just enterprise companies with huge marketing teams and budgets. The Free Forever solution is the smarter way for you and your team to manage, share, and use your files professionally. Recently, we rolled out the next evolution in creative organization, a more robust version of our self-service Orbit tool; Plus.

Everything's bigger in Plus

Retaining the same user-friendly characteristics of Free Forever, Plus removes the limit on file size transfers, bulks the storage limit to a hulking 2TB, and integrates with a range of solutions from the likes of Wordpress, and more. It’s the solution you, your team, and your creative footprint can grow with. 

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 So, if you’re ready to rid yourself of lost opportunities; lost content, and lost time, check out Orbit Plus today—where creatives get organized, where organizations get creative.