Bynder Express

The fastest and safest way to share your files with anyone, anywhere - even files not in your asset bank, making it perfect for temporary files.

Digital Asset Management

Start Approval Workflow From Your Asset Bank

You can now start an approval workflow directly from a specific media file in your Digital Asset Management module.

Package Ingredients Analysis

When working with InDesign or Illustrator packages, Bynder can automatically identify related files, and users can now download whole packages at once.

Creative Project Management

New Annotations Tool

Approving assets in your Creative Project Management module has been made easier with our new annotation tools. You can add squares, circles, and arrows in different colors to highlight suggestions and changes.

Custom Job

When you go to the job overview of a workflow campaign, you will be able to add custom columns based on workflow meta properties.

Want to know more? Watch the following video to get a more detailed explanation of our new features: