Digital Asset Management 

Original File Name

This feature displays an asset’s original filename as a metaproperty. With this feature, a user can always see and search for the original filename, regardless of the displayed asset name.

Add Approver for Download

Users need to request access to download certain assets. By default, the generic approver within permission management is responsible for approving download requests. Within big organizations it’s more practical to let specific departments or groups of users (business owners) approve requests for certain sets of assets.

That’s why you can now add specific approvers per asset. It’s also possible to appoint an approver via Edit Media if the assets have already been uploaded.

New Crop Functionalities 

We have some new Cropping Functionalities that will make your life easier:

  1. Output DPI: The number of DPI (Dots Per Inch) can be chosen in this section. Generally, 300 DPI is required for print materials whereas 72 DPI is sufficient for web-only usage. 
  2. Image size: If you don't need to crop the image but just want to create a derivative with a different size, you can tick the box and change the image size in this section. Simply select the size(s) based on your preference and click on the button "crop image".
  3. Canvas size: In this section you can expand the canvas size of the image and create an extra margin around the image. Simply tick the box, select the canvas size of your preference and the canvas size will be extended automatically. Additionally, you can choose the anchor point of the canvas with Anchor. The canvas color is white by default, however, you can select any color you prefer by clicking on Background Color. It’s also possible to select the Transparent Background  tick box, if you want the canvas to be transparent.
  4. Quality: The quality of the crop can be chosen in this section, which will impact the size of the file. There are 5 options: low, medium, high, very high and maximum.

Creative Project Management

Highlight overdue Workflows

When a workflow job is past its due date, it will automatically be highlighted in the job overview, making it clear which jobs still need to be completed. 

Setting up Stage Deadlines

During the creation of a workflow job in the Creative Project Management module, it was possible to choose a deadline for the entire job. Now you can also choose deadlines per stage when starting a job. This allows project managers to define specific deadlines for certain steps in a project. This will help users complete their tasks and responsibilities on time, and minimize the risk of users missing deadlines.

Want to know more? Watch the following video to get a more detailed explanation of our new features:

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to activate these new features in your environment.