Digital Asset Management

Sharing Your Digital Assets 
Sharing your digital data has never been this easy. From now on you can share a file directly from the detailed asset view. Just go to “edit current account” and select “media-detail-share”. Please note that this option only works for users who have “share media” enabled in their permission profile.

Sharing Your Digital Assets Bynder

Statistics in Detailed Asset View
Furthermore, you can now also see the stats for a specific asset directly within the detailed asset view. Similarly, this also works only for users who have “Statistics” enabled in their permission profiles.

Statistics in Detailed Asset View Bynder

Uploading Custom Thumbnail
You can now choose the thumbnail you want your asset to display if you are unhappy with the one the system automatically picks for you. 

Uploading Custom Thumbnail Bynder

Creating Derivatives on the Fly 
We have made the process of uploading images even speedier! From now on, all derivatives will be created on the fly while the asset is being downloaded. The system can now also create a specific URL for an individual derivative. 

Creating Derivatives on the Fly Bynder
Smart Filters
Finding the correct asset will become easier through the new option to set up smart filters! For example you can set up the following smart filters: “asset type” and “asset subtype” or “genre” and “mood”.                                 

We now also have different icons available for your navigation bar: 

Icons Bynder navigation
...among others!

Creative Project Management

Save Button Forms
If you need to fill out a metaproperty form in a Workflow Job, it is now possible to save the chosen input before you send it to the next stage. So you can double check and have even more control over your assets. 

Save Button Forms Bynder

Brand Guidelines

New Compact View
When you like to upload an asset from the browser server option, e.g while creating new guidelines, from now on you will get a compact view in a pop-up screen. Before, if you had a lot of filters it was tricky to find the right asset. As you can see below, the search option is the first thing on the left in the filter bar in the new compact view. Finding what you’re looking for has never been easier. 

New Compact View Bynder 

Users and Permissions

Extra Userdata Field
By default Bynder offers the following user data fields:

Extra Userdata Field Bynder

From now on, Bynder also allows users to add the following information: link to a Facebook profile, link to a LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, and more!