Digital Asset Management

  • We’ve released a new functionality called “Last Added Media” that automatically rotates the last 8 uploaded assets. This feature can be activated in the form of a landing page slider: Digital Asset Management

...or as a widget:

Digital Asset Management widget

The feature can be easily set up by admin users or by the Bynder team on the backend.

Creative Project Management

  • Users can now compare two versions of the same file within each workflow.Creative Project Management versioning
  • This feature will be visible for all jobs within the module that have at least 2 existing versions. One can compare versions using a dropdown menu that will appear automatically. 

Asset versions

  • Within campaigns, job view has been given an overall facelift. Among other things, additional information can now be moved to a sidebar, there is an option to add “job attachments”, asset thumb views now look as they do within the DAM, and the stages features has been redesigned. ?

Jobs and campaigns in Bynder


  • As Bynder expands globally, so does the reach of our tool. In order to better support our global clients, Bynder now allows users to set up a specific timezone per environment or user account. Admin users can easily enable this feature within the settings menu. Users can set up their own time zones within their own profiles by clicking on “Edit Profile”.

Settings in Bynder