Bynder is now available in 11 languages

As we want to service as many of our customers worldwide in their native language, Bynder is now available in Arabic. Bynder is already available in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazilian). More languages will follow.

Bynder Arabic

Digital Asset Management

Collections - Read only share

When you share a collection with read-only rights, external users will not be able to download or edit the shared assets. This is particularly useful if you only want to share information or get feedback on the asset. The read-only option keeps you in control of your digital assets.

 Read Only

Mass Uploader

Thanks to the new feature, Mass Uploader, it is now possible to perform a batch upload with a CSV file of your metadata. As it is programmed by new back-end technology, Mass Uploader has an extremely fast upload time.

Bare Uploader

Create Public URL for Derivatives

It is now possible to get the public URL of an asset’s derivatives, not just the original. For instance, you can provide a public URL of an asset with specific dimensions - whether you need a low resolution image for Facebook or a larger one for an agency.

Bynder can directly link to the URL of a specific derivative:

URL Upload