Bynder Marketing Insights

New Features January 2016

Written by Ruben Vermaak | 21 January 2016

Digital Asset Management

Add Metaproperty Options during Upload

If users have edit metaproperty option rights, they can add new Metaproperty Options in the Upload screen. When they click on the Add Option button, users can add a Name, Description and upload a thumbnail.

Hide Default Tabs

Items such as Add publication date, Tags, Copyright and Advanced Rights are shown by default in the upload screen. But it is also possible to hide one or several of these tabs in the upload and edit screen.

Creative Project Management

Mark Comment as Important

When you write a comment in the Creative Project Management module, you can be given the right to mark it as important. This will make sure that the comment is highlighted and can't be missed by the users involved in the workflow.

To set this up, go to Settings > Users & Rights > Permission management and select the permission profiles of the people that should be able to mark comments as important. Scroll to the Workflow section and tick the box 'mark message as important'. Click save to enable this feature.

Workflow Widgets

On the landing page (dashboard) we can now add workflow widgets that inform users about their workflow activity, tasks, inactive jobs or if jobs need their attention.

Campaign Related Presets

When in a campaign, you will now only see the presets that belong to that campaign in the Create New [campaign] dropdown.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to activate these new features in your environment.