We love continuous development, which is why we release new features and functionalities regularly - usually, every month. The following are the new features we released for February.

Digital Asset Management

  • Our Waiting Room functionality got a small facelift. In addition to a fresh re-design, there are the new filters by which you can sort through your requests:

Upload: An overview of all files uploaded by users that don't have any upload rights.

Dropbox: An overview of all the files uploaded via the Drag and Drop Box feature (located on the login page). The majority of people using the Drag and Drop Box will likely not be users of Bynder.

Download: An overview of all the files that users would like to download, but need to be granted permission to do so (watermarked images, for example).

Workflow Approval: An overview of all approvals sent over from workflow jobs that have “Export to Asset Bank” as the final stage.

Requests overview in Bynder

  • This update will allow you to directly create derivatives based on your own size preferences.

Prefixes in Bynder

  • Our metaproperty dropdown menus now look and feel even smoother.

Metaproperty menu in Bynder

  • In addition to already supporting PSD Photoshop files, Bynder now also supports PSB files!

PSB files in Bynder

Creative Project Management

  • You can now attach assets already in the DAM to Creative Project Management workflows.

Attach assets to Creative Project Management workflows in Bynder


  • Your account username no longer has to be your email address - you can create your own unique username.

New security feature in Bynder

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