Bynder Marketing Insights

New Features December 2015 and Sneak Peek 2016

Written by Ruben Vermaak | 17 December 2015



Digital Asset Management

Collection of One File

Even if you share just one file, Bynder will now automatically create a collection. So users can always track which files they have shared.

Waiting Room Detail Info

If you click on a file that is located in the Waiting Room, an asset detail screen is now available. This will display all the available metadata that is embedded within the asset.

Hide metaproperties for Upload & Edit

Some users should not be able to see certain metaproperties during uploading or when editing. That’s why it’s now possible to hide certain metaproperties on the Upload & Edit screen.

Creative Project Management

Template Buttons

If a user needs to pick out one of the many available Web-to-Print templates, there is a chance that he or she selects the wrong size for a specific Social Media campaign.

Bynder can now create a button with the preferred template size, based on the information inserted in form fields. This makes sure that the user will get the right template with corresponding dimensions.

Restrict Stage / Tasks to selected Group

A workflow stage or task can now be restricted to a selected group. This means that only users that are part of that selected workflow group can be assigned to that stage or task.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to activate these new features in your environment.

We have lots of exciting features lined up for 2016. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Extension of Video Previews

Previously, Apple Pro Res could be uploaded but not previewed through Bynder, but now you can do both.

New Creative Project Management features

Many functionalities have been approved for the Creative Project Management module:

  • Assign responsibility within an annotation to a user
  • Respond to annotations
  • Skip steps within the workflow in case you have 2 different step (e.g. review and approval) handled by the same person.
  • Trigger multiple flows: this will be particularly relevant if you want to trigger multiple jobs within a specific job. For example, if you are working on a new brochure that needs to be published on Facebook and Twitter, you will probably need to have 2 different workflows (different text, image size, etc.).

Duplicate Finder improvements

  • Find duplicates on upload
  • Duplicate results in Waiting Room
  • Merge duplicate results


Our Bynder Fuse tool has been improved in the last 2 months and here are the features you can expect from this tool:

  • Virtualize Bynder’s platform within the folder structure of your desktop
  • Keep track of users outside of the Bynder platform
  • Version history
  • Upload directly into the folder structure
  • Ability to be employed within every local program

FocusPoint functionalities

Bynder offers functionalities for editing pictures (e.g. cropping, resizing, etc.). This allows marketeers to operate simple changes on a picture without asking help from a designer. Some customers, however, were worried that important elements of an image are not included or disappear after editing. To ensure that important parts of an image are visible during editing, Bynder can position a "Focus Point" on an image and force the user to include this item when cropping the image. 

Notifications Center Improvements

You will soon be able to receive notifications about:

  • Version updates
  • Expiry of usage rights
  • Deletion of previously used/shared assets
  • Audit actions required (e.g. asset or user approval)
  • Workflow notifications

First Version of Native Creative Project Management Tablet App

We are building a native app for our creative project management tool in which you will be able to do the following:

  • Approve workflow tasks from the native app
  • Maintain a clear overview on your dashboard with to-dos
  • Comment on digital assets
  • View the status overview of all running jobs