We love continuous development, which is why we release new features and functionalities regularly - usually, every month. The following are the new features we released this December.

Digital Asset Management

  • "Select All" - If you upload an asset and need to relate it to several brands, categories or business units, it is no longer necessary to manually select all boxes. If you choose "Select All", all boxes will automatically be ticked.
  • Preview for Powerpoint files  

Business Unit selection in Bynder

  • Renaming "Featured" collections - you can now rename the titles of the featured collections that appear on your inspirational dashboard.

Featured collections in Bynder


Creative Project Management

  • "Workflow Waiting Room" - it is now possible to export a file to the Waiting Room instead of the Asset Bank directly from a workfow in the Creative Project Management module. This can also be directly embedded into workflow presets.

Workflow waiting room