Bynder Marketing Insights

New Features April 2015

Written by Bynder marketing team | 8 April 2015

Digital Asset Management

Exporting Metadata

Exporting metadata has never been as easy. Bynder now offers a feature we’re sure our clients will love: 

  • If you download a file from Bynder and select "Include XMP Metadata", you will download the asset and, if you’ve updated any of the original attached metadata once the file was imported into Bynder, the updated metadata will be exported. If you’ve made any changes in Bynder (for example the title, description or author) this will be embedded within the metadata of the downloaded asset. If you do not check the "Include XMP Metadata" box, you will download the file with the original metadata, minus any updates.
  • If you select "Include CSV Metadata" you will not only download the asset, but also a separate CSV file with all the metadata. 
  • You can also choose to combine the two options. 

Setting API Metaproperty Option Dependencies 

Clients can now set dependencies for metaproperties via APIs. This is especially great news for clients that upload large numbers of assets on a regular basis, as it will make their lives exponentially easier.

File Naming Convention

When downloading a file, it is now possible to set and stick to a specific file naming convention. (For example, if you wish every file downloaded by users to have the year, country, state, and city included in the title, this can now be set up.)

Thumbnail View

Whenever you leave the thumbnail view within the DAM (say, to check a guideline or work on a workflow), your search will automatically be cleared and reset.  

New Search Bar

We can now add a large and concise search bar to your Inspirational Dashboard (in addition to its usual home at the top of your screen).

Setting Up PIM

For clients using our Product Information Management (PIM) module, searching for products has become even easier. With Related Assets 2.0, when you click on one of the products, you will get immediately an overview of all the available assets related to this particular product.

Adding a Download Disclaimer

If a user wants to download an asset with a download disclaimer, the system can now be enabled to provide the following pop-up (or one similar to it):

The user then needs to accept the restriction before the asset can be downloaded. When the user clicks on “Accept”, their acceptance will be logged in the system. 

Showing Transparency with PNG Files 

A lot of our clients work with TIF files - an image format file for high-quality graphics. TIF files are also called TIFF, which stands for “Tagged Image Format File.” One of the advantages of TIF is that it can also have a transparent background, which is often shown as follows:

Bynder can create two type of derivatives for TIF images: JPG and PNG. A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file is also a raster graphics file that supports transparency, only it’s more compressed and therefore suitable for the internet. With this latest update, the system can create a PNG derivative with transparency from the original TIF file. 

Brand Store

If users have a pre-determined budget, this will now be shown in the right top corner of the screen: 

Creative Project Management / Web-to-Print

Create Templates Yourself

You can now make small adjustments in Web-to-Print templates yourself (such as changing the language of one, or swapping one Collection out for another).

New Job View

We’ve made improvements to the job view within our Creative Project Management tool. This new design gives a better overview of any provided briefing details in the first stage. From hence on, briefing information will be visible to the left hand side of the screen.

Adding Attachments

Instead of filling out forms, it is also now possible to upload a briefing document which will be visible to the left hand side of the screen throughout the whole job:

Users can also add attachments to workflow presets. Open the preset in question and scroll down to the bottom to attach a file:

So if a client wants to have a specific PDF file with a brief in every “Approve Marketing Material” job, they no longer need to manually add that asset each time a new job is created based off that preset.