How to market your brand inside your company

If you’re a brand manager, you know that enforcing consistent brand communication for your whole company is the most important aspect of your job. However, if you find yourself struggling, you just may be doing it wrong. 

Branding starts within your own ranks. Based on my own past experience, I’ve noticed that, especially in large companies, internal branding is done very poorly if at all. If you take a look at the really successful brands out there, you’ll see that they all have super brand-enthusiastic employees as well as customers. This is because these brands do not neglect the importance of leveraging their brand within their company. 

In this article, I would like to provide some advice on how to market your brand internally and how to make sure your colleagues (marketing, PR, sales, secretary and even your janitorial stuff) know what your brand stands for.

Choose the Right Communication Channel

Don’t use emails and memos and boring PDFs to tell your brand’s story. People don’t like to read unless they absolutely have to. You should put the same effort into your internal marketing and branding efforts as you do into your external communications (don’t worry, it does not have to be as expensive). Create “touch” points: embed your brand values into everything your employees read and hear. The more often your colleagues are confronted with your brand values and story, the more they will incorporate “on-brand” attitudes into their behaviour. 

For instance, create videos, produce high quality brochures, and organise team events that advocate your brand.

Live Your Brand’s Culture

Your company culture is how your colleagues live, deliver and breathe your brand values. Create team spirit and ask everyone to contribute. Don’t forget, once they’ve understood what your brand stands for, you also need to enable your team to spread the message. Create a space where your employees can connect to your brand. A good source for brand culture is your company’s intranet or a brand portal tool. 

Involve HR

Usually your HR department is the direct link to your team members. The problem with that, however, is that they are not communication experts. HR usually doesn’t have the skillset required to communicate the brand message in an effective way. Instead, they usually use their considerable reach to spread messages about what the company is doing in general without tacking on the additional message of convincing people of the idea of your brand. Be careful to not task your HR department with all brand communications. Instead, collaborate with your HR staff: while you define what the message should be, HR should be the ones pushing it out to the team.