Recently, we officially released Orbit Plus, a more robust version of our self-service Bynder Orbit tool. Orbit Plus is creative file management re-imagined, where teams can work wonders with their creative files because they are not oppressed by content clutter. If you’ve ever needed an image or PDF and not been able to find it immediately, you’ll get what we mean.

Orbit was and will remain a free product. There are no limitations on number of users, and storage is supported up to 100GB in the free version. However, given today’s demand for omnichannel strategies and the push we’ll see in 2018 for more and more video, 100GB is simply not enough for many teams.

So Orbit Plus is moving beyond that threshold. This is the unlimited, unrestrained version of the same Orbit tool. Some teams just ask more of themselves and of the tools they use.

What’s in the upgrade? You’re working without limits, movin’ on up in creative file management: more storage, more organization, more capabilities. Everything's bigger in Plus. Here’s what to expect.

Unlimited sharing

Creatives deal in files of all sizes, especially these days with video set to become the primary driver in marketing. Orbit Plus removes the limit on file size transfer, meaning that your huge video file is just a few clicks from its destination, and creatives don’t need to interrupt the way they work to get it there.

It’s easy enough in Plus to share any large file from desktop, but it begs the question: with up to 2TB storage, why not store any large file right in Orbit Plus and share it? That way, the recipient might not even need to download it, as images, videos, and PDFs are preview-enabled. Videos have complete playability, so in many instances end users can bypass downloading and having to open it up in a program like QuickTime. That applies to Orbit users as well as external parties.

Give it a try: share this link with a colleague, and they’ll get access to a video collection I created from my own Orbit portal, complete with playback ability to avoid downloading the 142MB video unnecessarily.

Sharing in Plus also incorporates a detailed history, allowing you to view and edit your own shares. Is someone claiming they never got that collection from you? Prove them wrong with sharing history. It totally does more than that...but that’s always a favorite.

Unlimited organization

Searching for an asset in a DAM is only as good as its built-in metadata and permissions. That means categories, tags, and configurable user profiles to achieve the end goal: the right user finding the right content, in an instant.

Orbit Plus is offering unlimited categories (upgraded from the 3 available in Free), so that teams can fully build out their classification system and future proof the way they upload, store, and find what they need. 3 categories are sufficient for many users, but unlimited gives an organization all the organization it needs!

The same goes for permission profiles. Plus also offers unlimited permission profiles, allowing your admin to create user groups such as “agency collaborator”, “read-only”, “content creator”, and whatever else comprises your creative workflow.

Unlimited connectivity

Sharing and collaboration are not limited to Orbit itself with Plus. What does that mean? Plus incorporates integrations, so that all the systems that touch your creative files are playing nicely together. It’s a major step closer to our vision: a free-flow of media across the marketing tech ecosystem, completely bypassing the desktop.

The goal is to break down limits on connectivity and improve how assets are shared and managed around the organization. Why download and upload when you can send it to another system straight away? It’s the way you already love working, plus Orbit. We’ve already incorporated two major integrations into both the Free and Plus versions of Orbit:

Google Drive

Any Google document is readily available by storing it in Orbit and enriching its categorization, searchability, and permissions throughout your network.

Add files from drive


Sync your files from an existing Dropbox folder and add metadata, create collections, and other capabilities only offered in Orbit.

Moving forward, Plus will continue to implement more integrations, so that users can incorporate the tools they already love using and do even more with their creative files.

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Growing up

Orbit Plus is built to grow with teams over time. 75% of small business marketers feel limited in how they can share assets internally, and 71% still store and share content from desktop to some degree. Teams of all sizes need a better way to manage their creative files, and that is why Orbit was built and is offered for free. As brands expand, more assets are put in circulation and more storage, structure, and sharing are required. Plus is designed to fit that need and grow without limits alongside a brand.

If you think Bynder Orbit Plus would be a great fit for your team, upgrade your portal today.