Free digital asset management helps teams of all sizes to realize the benefits of a DAM system when managing their digital files. And when we sa 'free digital asset management', we're also including file-sharing platforms, free cloud storage tools, and FTPs. That way, we can provide a more comprehensive guide on the free solutions out there for digital asset management. 

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The benefits of free digital asset management

Apart from the general benefits of using a DAM system, such as having access to your assets from anywhere and being able to find them quickly, free digital asset management offers a whole host of other benefits.

Easier to get buy-in from decision makers

Due to the fact that there are no costs to a free DAM, there is no real risk or downside to implementing one. This means that it is much easier to get buy-in from key decision makers in the business - allowing you to go ahead and implement it faster. Whereas a free trial is typically limited in either time or features, a free option for DAM will provide a better “proof of concept” in order to show the system’s value.

“Try before you buy”

Additionally, free DAM software gives you the opportunity to see if it is a good fit for your organisation before you decide to invest money. The free version will give you a much better understanding of the system than a sales product demo or lengthy written documentation, though those are important, too.

Scale the DAM to your needs

If you are regularly reaching your file sharing limit or running out of storage space, your DAM provider may offer a number of paid versions to help you handle your increased file storage and sharing needs. This means that you can do more with your DAM, without needing to shell out a small fortune for an enterprise DAM solution. Additionally, this means that you can increase your ROI by only paying for the level of DAM capability that you actually need. And if the number of assets that you need to store or share stays small, then you can stay on the free version.


Its free!

There are no one off fees / on-going fees or setups costs you need to pay before you can start using your free DAM and start seeing the benefits.

Things to bear in mind when implementing a free digital asset management system


When choosing a free DAM, it is important to pay attention to the security features it offers. The last thing you want is to have your confidential data and files stolen. People think of inferior security when they hear of a free version, so it’s important to check the overall platform that you are getting involved with and check its credentials. Check out which accreditation they have and ensure that it supports the security needs of your business. Bynder DAM is highly secure and surpasses PCI-DSS and ISO27001 requirements.


It should be intuitive

Make sure that the DAM system that you choose is easy to understand and requires very little training before it can be used. Ideally, it should be completely intuitive, with plenty of support docs for if there are any technical areas that require explanation.

How will you organize your assets?

It is important to take some time to decide on how you will organise your digital assets within your DAM - as the way that you organise your assets will directly impact how easy the system is to use and how quickly team members can find the assets that they are looking for.

Think about which kinds of words users are likely to search for when looking through the asset library as well as the best way to categorize groups of assets, and use this to inform how you will tag your assets. For example: if you work for a clothing retailer, it may be useful to tag your product pictures according to color. Then in the future users could quickly find all yellow product images.

Transferring your files to your DAM

Whether you are currently using a DAM system or not, transferring your digital assets/files into the system in a timely and efficient manner is an important task. When transferring the files, you should make sure that you have successfully transferred before you start deleting anything from the original source. And as mentioned above, make sure that you stick to the organisational structure you have decided on when uploading files.

Which file formats does the DAM support?

If you are a photographer, you want to make sure that your DAM system supports all the different image file types that you will be working with. That's why it is important to choose a DAM system that supports a wide range of file formats.

Benchmark & evaluate

After some months of using your DAM, ask yourself: are you getting enough out of it? As mentioned above, many providers allow you to scale your DAM to suit the needs of your organization.

Take control of your content today with our free DAM, Bynder Orbit

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