Up to 100GB free storage

Bynder Orbit is a free cloud storage tool, with up to 100GB free storage.

Bynder Orbit also comes with the following capabilities:

  • Unlimited users
  • 1 concurrent user
  • 2GB file size transfer limit
  • 2 permission profiles
  • 3 categories
  • Chat support
  • AI-powered search
  • Leading security safeguards
  • Custom look & feel

If your team is tired of wasting time trying to find the right document or image, add a little control to your content by trying out Bynder Orbit, a great fit for organizations wanting to get their digital files organized.

Our AI powered search and filter-based approach to file organization will help you and your team find the files you need faster. And all for free (no card details required).

Take control of your files

How Orbit free cloud storage helps teams get organized

Using one of our favorite users, Arena Flowers, as an example, we will go into more detail about how Bynder Orbit can help you find your files faster, and get your team working more efficiently.

Formed in 2006 by friends Will and Steve, Arena Flowers are a market-leading online retailer who offer high-quality bouquets of flowers which are delivered all over the world.

The company website sees thousands of different types of bouquets purchased - shipping over a million flowers every year! Bouquet ranges are updated each season, including special ranges for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and even Halloween.

When it comes to selling products on the website, each bouquet is accompanied by a main image, topped off with two other product shots to really show off the beauty of the bouquet and the flowers. Arena Flowers also offer additional products ranging from chocolates, wines, cards, beauty products to cuddly toys.

As well as the product shots, the marketing team frequently create banners and other marketing collateral for use in marketing emails and social media. So, understandably, visual imagery is a crucial aspect of how they market their products online.

Mass uploader

All this means that the Arena Flowers’ marketing team has the daunting task of keeping thousands of product shots and marketing images organized and easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

The cloud storage system that Arena Flowers previously used was based on a folder structure that, over time, became difficult to use. As a result, Marketing Team Leader, Rupert Wynne, frequently had trouble in quickly locating the images he required as he didn’t know to which folder they had been uploaded - especially when the images had been uploaded by a colleague. Additionally, as the company is spread over two locations enforcing one central naming convention for folders and files proved difficult. Both these factors not only caused confusion and wasted time but took a toll on the whole team’s productivity.

Rupert said:

We used to use Dropbox to store and share our product images and marketing materials. But, over the years, the storage had become disorganised and it was taking me up to 5 minutes to find the product shot that I required.

So how has Bynder Orbit helped Arena Flowers work smarter?

Given the sheer number of product and marketing images that Arena Flowers work with, Orbit free cloud storage has helped immeasurably to establish order in how their images are managed.

By ditching the outdated folder structure, finding the right images - quickly - has become much easier for them due to the smart AI-powered functionality built into Orbit. As well as the usual ‘Google-style’ search functionality, Bynder Orbit is equipped with AI-tagging to automatically scan the contents of uploaded images and identify objects within them.

For a company like Arena Flowers, this is a game-changer. For instance, if Rupert wants to look at the range of roses, he simply searches for the keyword ‘rose’ and Orbit will automatically filter images that contain roses. No need to manually tag each and every image himself, as the system does it for him.


As an added benefit, the tagging feature also helps Rupert to separate product shots from marketing collateral when looking for images, helping him to find the images that he needs much more quickly:

When I want to find product shots, I can simply search for the ‘product image’ tag within Bynder Orbit and instantly remove all the marketing shots from the results. Then I can browse the product shots and quickly find the images that I am looking for.

Additionally, specific product ranges - such as the 2018 Valentine’s Day range - can be compiled into a Collection. This allows the marketing team to store and work on specific ranges separate from one another. Once the photographer has finished a new Collection, it can be easily shared from within Orbit.

As Orbit free cloud storage offers free and unlimited users for every account, Rupert can now invite the entire company to view the new ranges as they are photographed and does not need to worry about the cost of adding new users to their cloud storage! A great example of how Orbit encourages open collaboration when working within a team:

This has helped generate more feedback on new bouquet ranges as members from different teams within the company can quickly log in and review the latest range without having to go searching through files for the images. This was particularly helpful when launching our new letterbox range, as we had never previously photographed a product like this.

Adding that personal touch

Frankly, it can be difficult getting people excited about file storage. So the option to personalise their portal with their own colour scheme, logo etc truly goes a long way to encourage the Arena Flowers team to get engaged with Bynder Orbit:

Customising the portal helped the team to feel more like owners of the tool. This made the team feel more responsible for keeping the portal up-to-date and properly organised.

personal touch

Switching from Dropbox to Bynder Orbit was very straightforward. Orbit’s mass uploader allowed Rupert to download the old images and subsequently upload the images to Orbit all in one go.

Swift and effective marketing

Now when I need to find an image, rather than taking me up to 5 minutes, it takes me a maximum of 5 seconds.

Bynder Orbit is all about helping teams do their jobs quickly, simply, and smartly. Arena Flowers demonstrate that perfectly as their marketing team can now work much more efficiently saving a lot of unnecessary frustration! See how Orbit free cloud storage could help your team work more efficiently by signing up today, and you can start organizing in minutes.

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