Looking for Dropbox alternatives? Bynder Orbit is the smartest solution for professionally managing digital files. From organizing, sharing, and approval of creative; everything is easier with Orbit.


Bynder Orbit (Plus)

Dropbox (Standard-Business)

Box (Business)

Google Drive (Business)


File transfer & management

Automatic file tagging Yes No No Yes    
Manual file tagging Yes No No No    
Filter file organization Yes No No No    
Search bar Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Automatic image dimension conversion on download Coming soon No No No    

Extra features

Complete account brand personalization Yes No Yes No    
User management Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Free business version Yes Yes No Yes    

Storage and price

Cost of 40 Users $379 $500 $600 $400    
Storage per team 2TB 2TB Unlimited Unlimited    
Price per user per month Unlimited free users $12.50 $15 $10    
Price per team $379 - - -    

A more in-depth explanation of Bynder Orbit’s features as displayed in the grid above can be found below. Or if you want to try out Bynder Orbit for free—click here to signup.

File transfer & management

Automatic file tagging

Powered by AI technology, Bynder Orbit automatically detects and tags the content of images upon upload. This means that you can search not only by filename, but also based on objects within an image. No need to keep track of all those messy file names!

Manual file tagging

To make filtering search results even more customizable to your needs, you can tag your images with specific words manually. For example, if you wanted to tag a fashion photo with the tag ‘Winter Range 2017’, this allows you to organize and locate files easily without having to rely on a folder-system.


Filter organization

Unlike most other file-storage platforms, Bynder Orbit uses filters, not folders, to manage files:

  • With a filter structure, you can assign several different properties to one file, meaning that if the file satisfies different criteria, e.g. sea and sky if it was a beach photo, the file can be found via any/all of those filters
  • Say you want to upload a picture of a cat. With a folder structure, it could be found in the [Animal], [Mammal], [Whiskers] folders. So you may need to upload the same picture to each of these folders. With a filter structure, you can add [Animal, [Mammal] and [Whiskers] to the cat picture as tags, which you can filter against. Therefore - you only need to upload one copy of each file rather than multiple copies for each folder.
  • As you only need to upload one copy of each file, you only need to update one copy of each file!
  • Orbit also comes with customizable Channels—a quick way to apply multiple filters to files at the same time. One of the best things about Channels is that they become a "live content feed". So whatever the filters you set, you're always getting the latest files for the Channel.

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Search bar

With Orbit, the search bar not only allows you to search via filename as you’re probably used to, but it’s also an important part of the AI-tagging functionality. Say if you’re a travel company and you want a photo of mountains. Entering mountains in the search bar will prompt Orbit to scan the contents of all files in your asset bank and return all relevant images tagged with mountains. Simple, fuss-free searching.

Automatic image dimension conversion on download

Orbit wants to be a one-stop shop for all your file needs. That’s why you can automatically resize images to preset dimensions upon download, without having to rely on other applications. For example, a social media marketer could configure Orbit to auto generate a Facebook-ready version and LinkedIn-ready version of every image asset you upload, meaning you don’t need to resize the images yourself!

Extra Features

Complete account brand personalization

We want you to enjoy using Bynder Orbit, and feel that it’s made just for you. Is your brand color purple? Then make your portal purple! Customizations of your portal include:

  • The login screen background photo
  • Colour scheme
  • Logo within storage account
  • Customizable login page

User Management

User management is the ability to invite new users to your team account, set permissions for users, and revoke access to a team account if needed.

Free business version

Bynder Orbit can be accessed as a free version, which includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • 1 concurrent user
  • Up to 100GB storage
  • 2GB file size transfer limit
  • 2 permission profiles
  • 3 categories
  • Chat support
  • AI-powered search
  • Leading security safeguards
  • Custom look & feel

Orbit Plus comes with the following features, in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • 2TB storage
  • Unlimited file size transfer
  • Unlimited permission profiles
  • Unlimited categories
  • Email support
  • Integration access (coming soon)

So if you are looking for a Dropbox alternative, try out Bynder Orbit for free—click here to signup.

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