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Can branding be measured?

Written by Stefka Ivanova | 6 July 2017

We’re always hearing about brand strength. But what does this mean for the content marketers, designers, CMOs and anyone relevant who strives to achieve it? Considering it’s such a marketing essential, it’s a pretty ambiguous term.

Every marketer wants to achieve a "strong brand" but what really makes a brand strong?

The obvious answers can be found on numerous marketing blogs, which focus on consistencythe necessity of adding the right logo to marketing collateral and keeping everything aligned with the brand guidelines. But is there a way to test brand strength? Can branding be measurable? 

To address these questions, our team analyzed the top performing brands to determine what the factors are behind powerful branding. Four key categories emerged:

1. Consistency

Consistency is the backbone of visual branding. A seamless experience across all channels of communication fosters confidence and loyalty. Consistent branding not only commands authority but builds the trust between a brand and their customers.

The main measurements are: Color Consistency, Font Consistency, and Text Size Consistency. 

2. Message

Clear communication of your company message is vital—especially in the digital  space. In order for people to feel attracted to your brand they need to understand it. A consistent brand message should clearly define your positioning and align  with your core behaviors.

Message is measured by: Complementary Colors, Logo Colors, and Meta Information

3. Visibility

For a strong performing brand in today’s digital world, social engagement is one of the most important measures of brand value. A brand has to be both authentically likeable and equally visible, which is a challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Visibility is measured by: Social Cards, Header Contrast, and Color Temperature

4. Accessibility

Security, privacy and visibility aren’t just an afterthought. For a brand to take ownership of their niche in the market, these factors are fundamental. To put it simply, a brand has to be easy for the user to discover and use.

Accessibility is measured by: Social Links, Domain Name, and Privacy Policy

OnBrand Grader

The team then devised a way to test the performance of the four categories, and developed the OnBrand Grader.

The grader was born out of the need to identify weak points in branding and to easily see which areas of a brand’s online presence needs improving by breaking down the four categories and their indicators into numerically measurable values.

Once a website is fed into the tool, results are automatically calculated. In seconds, the grader will suggest certain colors that should be eliminated, or fonts that are inconsistent, right down to the “Googleability” of the brand.

So, can branding be measurable? While some elements are certainly subjective, we like to think the grader provides a valid and reliable indication of online brand strength.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the tool and see whether your brand is performing.