Bynder Marketing Insights

Bynder 4.0 Brand Portal Release

Written by Bynder marketing team | 20 February 2014

Marketing Resource Management Made Easy

With version 4.0, we have extended our digital asset management solution to now include user-friendly marketing resource management modules:

Bynder Asset Library

The Bynder asset library stays true to our principles, specifically our promise to stay as user-friendly and feature-rich as possible. In addition to some cosmetic changes, we now also have the following features:

  • A new intuitive design
  • Watermarks
  • Inspirational Dashboard with “News” and “Featured Collections” sections
  • A public image database with a shopping cart and a payment module (as an optional feature”
  • Custom theming (as an optional feature)
  • Several new plugins including Adobe InDesign among others (as an optional feature)
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Improved two dimensional Bynder API with new features
  • Integration with Pinterest

Bynder Enterprise Cloud Modules

With version 4.0, we have created the perfect solution for effective brand management. In addition to a digital asset management module that will help you to better manage and publish your entire digital media, Bynder has now provided you with the tools necessary for a more efficient control of your media production and corporate identity.

  • Workflow Management: Efficient communication throughout the media creation process
  • Publishing on Demand: Better organise media creation including such materials as cards or brochures, Web-to-Print, editing of texts and images directly through your browser without expensive and complicated design software.
  • Brand Identity Guidelines: Provide your partners and employees with a one stop solution to management of your brand identity and values.

Bynder 4.0 integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and offers both API’s and a wide selection of plugins for easy connection with Adobe Creative Suite and content management systems such as Typo3.