Bynder Marketing Insights

Bynder 3.2 Release

Written by Bynder marketing team | 8 August 2013

As the Bynder image bank becomes more extensive with every update, it is becoming more challenging to keep things as user friendly and intuitive as we'd like the system to be. Therefore, with Update 3.2 we're launching a complete re-design of Bynder.

This means that we're changing the look & feel for the collection view. Things will be more intuitive for every user. So whether you're a very minimal user that only shares media every once in a while, or an administrator that works with Bynder on a daily basis. To achieve this we have put a lot of effort in designing a system that will remain easy and fun to use, even if you're working with hundreds of large collections, both incoming and outgoing. Heavy users will also benefit from a great new way to upload media, which will be much quicker and easier to do.

Finally, we're introducing a great new feature: Notficitaions and Tasks. From now on you'll be able to see directly what particular media is awaiting auditing, for instance.

To sum up what Brand-new features we have in stall for you:

  • Adding Browser & Desktop notifications in Bynder
  • Multiple language support: Adding German, French, Spanish & Italian
  • Direct linking to media items
  • Adding Tasks in Bynder
  • Favorites and other folders available for Collections
  • Drag & select - Selecting Media made easier 
  • Short keys
  • Map View
  • Responsive design - Optimized for Tablet
  • Duplicate Clean-up - Find and merge duplicates
  • Extended embed functions - Collection Widgets
  • CDN - Optimize Bynder for a Global Webshop or Website
  • API Documentation

Moreover, here are some of the Improvements: 

  • Complete re-design for the Look & Feel of the Bynder image bank
  • New collection overview
  • New ways for uploading media
  • Easy search & add media collections
  • Easy search in specific Field
  • Improved Bynder API

Have any other great ideas that would improve Bynder? Feel free to share your ideas with us!