In 1977, Apple released the highly-successful Apple II—one of the first mass-produced home computer products, and one of the longest-selling to date. They gave thousands away to schools, providing students and teachers with their first experience of personal computing.

Who would have thought, 40 years later, that many of us cannot go a day without the tiny personal computing devices in our pockets? Probably not many outside of Silicon Valley, but Tim Cook summarizes it nicely:

Apple has made products for years that people didn’t know they wanted and now they can’t live without. We don’t believe in limits.

As a brand, Apple are defined by their boldly forward-thinking approach, persevering with seemingly crazy ideas and transforming them into cutting-edge technology that continually drives the industry forward. Apple has become synonymous with the world’s most iconic brands, and that is partly due to their ability to surprise and delight, to inspire and connect with its consumers. 


Not believing in limits is similarly driving us to become world-leading pioneers in the digital asset management industry, and Bynder Orbit was designed with that attitude in mind.

When it comes to content creation, a lot has changed in the past few decades. And it’s only growing thanks to cloud technologies and increasingly productive web applications. Companies and individuals create enormous amounts of content online, subsequently struggling to index, organize, tag, and retrieve it all in an efficient way. To rub salt in the wound, many of the software solutions on the market aren’t fit for purpose; lacking a good user interface, or are simply not powerful enough to adequately solve the problem.

Content creators are ready for something that surprises and delights, something they didn’t know they needed but now can’t live without, something that inspires them to keep fighting for a solution to the all-too-common problem of digital content chaos.

Dispelling myths about Orbit

Bynder Orbit is a 100% SaaS-based cloud platform for managing digital files. We’ve rolled out our first iteration of the product and are continually adding new features and updates—one being the addition of the Orbit Plus tier—offering customers more access to the features they care most about. For a full rundown of Orbit Plus features, click here.

Some of the features, for both Orbit and Orbit Plus, will certainly surprise and delight, while also including key functionality that’s fundamental for any modern-day DAM platform worth its weight— without the hefty price tag.

In the digital asset management industry, there is a checklist of features, commonly called the 10 Core that is used as a litmus test to gauge how DAM-worthy a particular software or tool is. The features required are what differentiates DAM tools from other software on the web claiming to be DAM.

Regarding innovation, it’s important to remember this list encompasses a set of features and characteristics defined by DAM industry veterans, not necessarily by everyday end-users of content. It’s a litmus test—not a roadmap.

No one at Apple looked to the contemporary computing industry to see what their products should do and simply regurgitated the requirements into a copy of an already existing product.

Orbit already meets many of the ten core DAM competencies, but that’s just a benchmark—our sights are aimed much higher.

What Bynder Orbit does for digital asset management

Bynder Orbit provides individuals, small teams, and even big companies, access to a digital asset management system with a very low barrier to entry. You don’t have to fork out your full tech budget just to get up and running. You can start for free and scale up as and when you need to.

Going to market quickly

Digital asset management systems are rarely set up as quickly as users want. Bynder Orbit solves this pain point. No drawn-out procurement processes, simply launch into Orbit in minutes and start enjoying the smart solution for modern workplaces. You can start with Bynder Orbit Free Forever, and, if you find that it’s helping you to manage the digital content chaos, you can upgrade to Orbit Plus without losing any of your work.

DAM for the masses

Thanks to Orbit, no barriers are blocking your access to a user-focused DAM platform. You can sign up with an email instantly.

Truly turnkey

Many DAM systems declare that they are turnkey solutions—meaning they are out of the box and super easy to implement. You can’t get much more turnkey than a freemium sign-up form that instantly opens the door to your unique digital library—one you can customize with your logo and brand colors; invite an unlimited number of users to, and, of course, store and manage all your digital files.

Ease of use

DAM systems should be for everyone, not just technologists. Some DAM systems are packed with power, but are severely lacking in usability for the average user. You don't need to be the techiest person in the room to ‘get’ Bynder Orbit. Orbit is set up so that its users, regardless of their job role, will experience taxonomy and metadata creation in a way that is simple to understand.

What Bynder Orbit doesn’t do for digital asset management

Bynder Orbit is not just a bucket to drop files into. It’s a digital content library and a 'single source of truth' to help you tell great stories and inspire others with your digital content.

Bynder Orbit also has a creative, 'visual-first' approach to its design and interface—which is unique in the DAM industry. Based on research, we know that people are visual creatures. Over half your brain is devoted to either directly or indirectly processing visual information.  With that in mind, the Orbit interface is straightforward, clean and visually-focused:

Creative visual first approach


Bynder Orbit is not just a rehashing of Bynder Flagship

Orbit has some unique features, plus many more on the way. One really handy feature is the artificial intelligence tagging of media files that takes place behind the scenes. When uploading images, Orbit will automatically tag your files with keywords to help you find what you need, when you need it. For example, you may want to find a photo of someone wearing sunglasses:

Artificial intelligence sunglasses search

Orbit can find just what you’re looking for by using the keyword ‘sunglasses’, despite the fact that the keyword is not mentioned in the filename. The file also isn’t explicitly tagged with anything in the metadata that may indicate they contain sunglasses. Super useful if you’re looking for something very specific, without having to rely on filename searching.

Some other exciting features include:

Channels: One-click access to the files that matter, direct from your file overview. In the free tier, automatic channels are created for you. With the addition of Orbit Plus, you’ll be able to save filters as your own unique channels

Categories: No more messy folders—organize your files in a way that suits your exact needs.

Collections: A photographer’s new best friend. Know which files are where by grouping them in handy collections that can be quickly accessed and shared directly from Orbit.

Fastest ship in the DAM galaxy

At Bynder, we like fast. Fast uploads, fast shares, fast growth and fast implementations. Orbit gets you up and running with an enterprise grade DAM tool in no time. See how Orbit Plus can speed up your productivity today.

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