The holiday season is not yet upon us, yet marketeers and PR departments around the world are already preparing.

Christmas is a time of both giving and taking. Corporations have long accepted that in order to get on the good side of their customers it is worthwhile to embrace the giving part. Showering your clients with unusual and exciting gifts this holiday season will serve to both impress them with your creativity, and express your appreciation for their hard work. If you don’t work in an industry where sending clients gifts is appropriate, our gift ideas would also be suitable for your own employees as a reward for their labour.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that the gifts you send out are both well thought out, and appropriate. Sending out giveaways that are thoughtless or offensive is several times worse than not sending out anything at all. Make sure to research the office environment and personalities of your gift receivers in advance in order to make sure that your gift will not be a faux pas and/or the end of your working relationship.

That said, here are some of our favourite Christmas giveaways that we think your clients and partners would love.

Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

Some of your clients will love this for home; others will love having it for in the office. The beauty of the cocktail shaker gift is that it does not have to necessarily be used for alcohol (virgin daiquiri, anyone?), but most will love it for that exact purpose. It also beats the more traditional gift of a bottle of wine, as at the end of the day people’s tastes vary.

We personally love this gift set. (If you REALLY want to spice up your customers’ holiday season, throw in a couple of bottles of liquor to get them started.)

iPad Mini

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Everyone can find use for an iPad, whether its your first tablet device, or yet another gadget around the house. The receivers can decide whether they will use the device for work related purposes, or for personal ones. Even your not very techy clients will find using an iPad easy and addictive.

Pick your clients up some iPads here.

Beer Making Kit

Arts and crafts are generally not for everyone, yet we feel that this one might be the exception to that rule. Even if your clients are not beer drinkers themselves, the brewing process will prove a fun distraction for anyone’s Christmas vacation.

We’re thinking something along

A Watch

Although it’s unlikely that every one of your clients will have the same taste in watches (although it isn’t out of the realm of the impossible depending on what industry you work in!) it’s possible to find middle ground. A watch is a classic gift, and some are always trendier than others. Personally, we are particularly inclined towards this brand.

A Hamper/Gift Basket

No one could ever say no to a basket of tasty goods, and there is no more classic a gift than a thoughtfully picked out food hamper. Luckily for you, it’s fairly easy to find a pre-packed gift basket these days, even online. We are particularly partial towards any of these Fortnum & Mason ones, as well any of these ones put together by Hickory Farms.

The Bynder Brand Store

Coming along right in time for the Christmas season, Bynder’s Brand Store will simplify life for your sales agents, marketing managers, and partners. The Brand Store is a central platform that allows you to display and order promotional items. Its close integration with our Publishing in Demand module will allow you to customize marketing materials throughout the ordering process directly through your web browser. It will be easier than ever to customize collateral to local markets. Read more about the Brand Store here.

An Online Store Designed Specifically for Promotional Material