When it comes to finding and sharing your companies media files, Bynder - the industry's favourite image bank and file sharing solution - is on a mission to eliminate FTP and windows explorer in the Marketing, Sales and PR department.

Time has come and we're living in 2013. Wow, that happened. Yet still many companies use FTP and shared network drives to access their media files with all the associated hassle and lack of control. Highly educated employees continuously waste their valuable time and company resources in that way to look for that one specific image, add, product introduction movie, press release or photoshop file. We think that's just plain silly.

We at Label A were frustrated by all this and believe that this could be strongly simplified and improved, so we created Bynder. An online image bank and file sharing solution. We strongly believe that online applications can and should be as fun and user friendly as Facebook and as fast as Google search.

With Bynder marketeers can make their media assets available both internal and external to suppliers and customers in a controlled manner. Per user profile you can set whether they're allowed to edit, upload and delete or not. Files can be instantly shared and all shared and received media is visible in the Inbox and Outbox section. One can alter the validity of the share or even revoke it completely. Safe and controlled as fort Knox in that sense.

When it comes to search, we've put huge effort in our latest version of Bynder and now offer instant search results and suggestions. Using the wild search function not only does Bynder look for matching titles or descriptions, as well as tags and saved collections of media items.

Many companies in the Netherlands have come aboard such as Scotch & Soda, Stage Entertainment, Randstad and TomTom and first customers in Sweden and Belgium have also signed up. Next steps are to roll out with selected resellers and local salesforce in Germany and the UK.

The future is bright and so should be your media file management.

About Label A
Bynder is a Label A company venture. Label A is an internet company located in the Netherlands with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Started in 2008 Label A has grown from 3 employees to 36. Next to the ventures we engage in, Label A also develops websites and (corporate) mobile apps.

More info: check www.bynder.com and www.LabelA.nl to see what else we're working on.