Whether you have one copywriter or ten, all companies need a content calendar. Not only does an editorial calendar add structure to your content marketing, it also helps your team develop a habit of producing content, helping you to build traffic to your website or blog.

Why do you need an editorial content calendar?

Firstly, an editorial calendar provides you with an overview of your content strategy. This allows you to publish consistent and relevant content on a regular basis while at the same time ensuring that your copywriters stick to deadlines. Once you know which content works best, you can update your calendar accordingly and publish content focused on the needs of your target audience.

Key elements of an editorial calendar

  • A high-level plan that gives a timeline and an overview of all content creation projects in all areas
  • A detailed overview that allows filtering for events, owners, and type of content
  • Ability to track deadlines and a warning system for missing deadlines
  • Responsibilities for the copywriting team
  • Overview of important events for which content needs to be created
  • A place to suggest and propose ideas
  • A direct connection to your creative project management tool

Free Download: Editorial Calendar Template

Our easy-to-use template is designed to keep you on top of your content marketing.
Download Editorial Calendar Template

If your company is growing, however, you might want to make use of an automated solution. Click here for more information about automated and integrated content planning and creation with marketing resource management.