Meet Martine Niermans, our head of Customer Success. Martine has worked for Bynder since September 2014, but we already cannot remember a time without her. ?

What do you do at Bynder: We make sure that the customer is successful after purchasing our brand portal. We make sure our system is implemented correctly, and we check in once our Bynder Brand Portal is up and running. We also provide support in the event of technical challenges.

I love my job because: It’s stimulating, fast-paced, and filled with creative young people who work hard, but always make time for laughter and fun. We work with incredibly talented people who are always seeking to make themselves, and therefore the company, better. We have a “no borders, no limits” mindset, and make sure we stay grounded. That is the strength of this company.

Fun fact about me: I secretly watch Argentinian Polo, and I love warm weather. I don’t consider a holiday to be a holiday without my feet in the sand. I also have this rare talent that once I drive somewhere I will remember the way for the rest of my life. It’s pretty useless considering all the technology available these days!

What is your greatest challenge as a woman in technology: It’s all about how you perceive the world. I only see opportunities. I stay true to myself so I know it doesn’t matter if I am a man or a woman in any industry - the sky is the limit as long as I am willing to work hard.

Proudest accomplishment: Being an inspiration to others to be the best person possible at any level in the company, because anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

What are your professional goals: If you try to plan every detail of your career you can be your own worst enemy, and unintentionally keep yourself small. You will never be able to grasp the opportunities right in front of you, so I keep all of my options open. Who knows, next year I could be president!

Anything else you want to tell us: My dad taught me to always laugh the loudest at my own jokes.