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Articles by Shaun Morgan


Nobody using your brand guidelines? Here’s why

One of the main reasons for any set of brand guidelines not being used is that they’re overly complicated, and often stuck in the past. See how to ensure your brand is consistent, recognizable, and fit for the digital era.

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Customer spotlight: Helping a world-leading animal feed company to protect and promote their 100+ year brand history during explosive growth

De Heus, a global top-12 animal feed supplier, looked to Bynder to help scale smoothly while protecting their rich brand history as they expanded operations worldwide.

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Why manufacturing companies need digital asset management

Digitization and changing consumer habits demand new approaches to brand operations for manufacturing companies. See how digital asset management can help.

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Customer spotlight: LeasePlan delivers an 'any car, anytime, anywhere' service with Bynder's 'any asset, anytime, anywhere' solution

See how world-leading Car-as-a-Service provider LeasePlan rely on Bynder to ensure brand content and campaigns are unified, controlled, and consistent across their 32 marketing subteams.

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Customer spotlight: How EVBox accelerates its 'zero emission' mission with Bynder

See how a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations, EVBox, rely on Bynder to enable their ever-expanding partner network, boost brand consistency, and ultimately help accelerate their 'zero emission' mission.

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Why digital transformation is an opportunity, not an obstacle

If companies aren’t open to embracing new technologies—despite the obvious risks—then it’s only a matter of time before they are left scratching their heads, wondering how they became the next Blockbuster, Sears, or any number of organizations that failed to keep pace with market shifts and changing consumer expectations.

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#CreateMore ROI: Make the most out of your marketing with Bynder Analytics

Stop being gut-driven and start being data-driven: Bynder Analytics provides marketing managers with the data they need to prove content ROI, optimize campaigns, and actually measure the value of their content creation efforts.

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3 ways data can elevate your content marketing strategy

While using data to optimize marketing efforts isn’t necessarily a new concept, the pace at which technology and consumer behavior are changing is speeding up. Here are three of the most effective tactics for capitalizing on your existing marketing data without compromising creativity for strategy.

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#CreateMore brand consistency: tell your story with clear, customizable Brand Guidelines

Brand consistency is the key to building a strong and successful brand. See how Bynder's Brand Guidelines help brand managers to ensure their brand identity is always consistent and controlled, while sending out the right message to your audience.

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The world’s most valuable brand: Apple’s secret to success

Ever wondered why the world's most valuable brand is so successful? Read our blog post and discover the branding secrets of Apple that will work for you.

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