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Robbert Flipsen - Chief Operations Officer

Robbert Flipsen

Chief Operations Officer

Some thoughts on How We Roll….

At Bynder we've been great fans of our friends at 37signals and their products (e.g. Basecamp, Highrise). Their popular books Rework and Getting Real have been passed around in our office as if it was a bible being handed over from one generation to one another. They taught us many things, and more importantly, they've inspired us by using their products on a day-to-day basis. 

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DAM software in a nutshell

What is Digital Asset Management software and how can it make your life easier?

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Our mission to eliminate FTP

When it comes to finding and sharing your companies media files, Bynder - the industry's favourite image bank and file sharing solution - is on a mission to eliminate FTP and windows explorer in the Marketing, Sales and PR department.

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