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Nikki Chapman - Head of Copy

Nikki Chapman

Head of Copy

Master the Art of Fashion Branding

Fashion brands have many hurdles to overcome when it comes to distinguishing themselves online. Does your audience think about your brand as much as you’d like? Do they want and desire your clothes over your competitors? Are you communicating your brand story to the best ability? To help you overcome these challenges, we looked into how to stimulate consumer interest through effective communication and branding to ensure your brand isn't just a fleeting trend.

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Bynder Express: Safeguarding Your Company From Big Data Breaches

The greatest threat to data security is not targeted cyber attacks or fraudulent hackers, it is the carelessness of employees and system glitches. Following the launch of our Bynder Express feature, we looked into the reasons why sensitive data is lost and or leaked, and at some of the biggest breaches to date. Read on and discover what you can do to ensure you don’t end up as a statistic of security error.

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