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Nikki Chapman - Head of Copy

Nikki Chapman

Head of Copy

A brave new world: the story of brand activism and the audience who expects more

Do you feel compelled to right the post-Brexit, post-Trump, and post-#metoo wrongs of today? If so, we're willing to bet that you also want the brands you engage with to feel a similar compulsion, right?

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Orbit Plus: the next step in creative organization

Bynder Orbit has evolved! Retaining the same user-friendly characteristics of Free Forever, Plus is the next step in creative organization for teams looking to get more out of their work. Discover the features, abilities, and signup today.

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Fashion x tech: branding’s hottest collaboration

Are fashion brands at risk of getting lost in the digital revolution? There is a lot that retailers, designers, and labels can learn from the tech world to ensure that they stay relevant in times to come.

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The world’s most valuable brands: how Amazon disrupted retail landscape

Discover how Amazon disrupted the retail landscape by delivering a seamless brand experience that compels its audience to stay loyal.

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The smart solution for creative file management is here, and it's free

We believe that everyone wants an easier way to manage their creative files—that’s why we reinvented digital file storage.

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What’s the DAM fuss? The benefits of digital asset management

Digital asset management can be a game-changer for many organizations. If you're holding back from investing in a solution that can optimize your workflows, read our rundown of the top benefits that might just help you with your DAM choices.

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Community building: The effect of third-space branding

We’ve been interacting—whether subconsciously or not—with the third space for much longer than we may have realized.

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Achieving brand clarity; it’s all in the anchor statement

An anchor statement is not only the basis to all good brand storytelling, but it can mean sink or swim for your brand clarity. Learn how to communicate what you do and why you do it with success by diving into our helpful tips and advice.

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The World’s Most Valuable Brand: Apple’s Secret to Success

Apple has been crowned the world's most valuable brand for the sixth consecutive year. Ensuring their audience is at the heart of everything they do, Apple's innovative marketing and branding strategies build an emotional connection with their customers that no other brand has been able to replicate. Read on to discover how they do this, and why it is so successful.

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Will Pharma Lead Healthcare in the Digital Marketing Revolution?

As the digital landscape shifts and communities become more empowered by a wealth of information online, pharmaceutical companies should be striving to play a central role in the digital revolution of healthcare. Addressing how to engage and connect with newly-empowered customers, this post will show you how to adapt your marketing strategies to achieve your goals.

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