Articles by Nicolas Deskos

15 Branding Predictions for 2016

15 branding predictions from marketing and brand managers on how branding will evolve in 2016.

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At the Heart of Branding: OnBrand 2015 Key Takeaways

How can brands can leverage new technologies to fuel their global branding efforts and other key takeaways from OnBrand '15.

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How a Moustache is Changing the Face of Men’s Health

How did the Movember Foundation singlehandedly dedicate a whole month to the growth of moustaches for men's health?

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Google’s Brand Makeover: A Modern Logo for the Mobile Age

How Google's new logo reflects its interactive and dynamic product range. Click here to find out.

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5 Tips For Startup Branding On A Budget

Startup branding on a startup budget in 5 simple steps.

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