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Nicolas Deskos


The guide to Marketing Resource Management

Is a hesitant marketing technology buy in at your organization slowing your brand's global potential? Ensure your marketing department gets the resources needed by reading our business case for Marketing Resource Management and apply the insider advice to your MRM bid.

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3 Travel Branding Trends to Watch in 2016

We take a look at three branding trends set to influence the world's fastest growing industry in 2016. 

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15 Branding Predictions for 2016

Where do branding professionals think the future of branding is heading? We asked 15 brand and marketing managers how they think branding will evolve in 2016.

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At the Heart of Branding: OnBrand 2015 Key Takeaways

This year’s OnBrand conference was all about how brands can leverage new technologies to fuel their global branding efforts. But even with the onset of new technologies one thing hasn’t changed: branding still remains inherently human. 

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How a Moustache is Changing the Face of Men’s Health

A lesson in moustache branding from the Movember Foundation. Nicolas Deskos, Copywriter at Bynder, writes about the Movember brand in his guest post for VentureFizz.

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Google’s Brand Makeover: A Modern Logo for the Mobile Age

We take a look at how Google's new logo reflects its interactive and dynamic product range.

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5 Tips For Startup Branding On A Budget

In his guest post for Barcinno, Nicolas Deskos, Copywriter at Bynder, gives his 5 tips for startup branding on a startup budget. 

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