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Lodewijk de Vries - Global Campaign Specialist & Copywriter

Lodewijk de Vries

Global Campaign Specialist & Copywriter

Scaling your SaaS company; with a little advice from Sun Tzu’s art of war

It seems like a logical step; you’ve successfully grown your company and established a decent market penetration. And now, you’re ready to expand from your home turf and enter a new market. By moving out of your comfort zone, you’ll face new competitors, a different crowd, and other unknown threats. Hurdles, a tech-savvy SaaS pioneer such as yourself must know how to overcome.

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The Next Web: your questions answered

"We had a great turnout to our workshop at The Next Web, and we got sent so many questions that we didn't have the time to answer them all. But don't worry, we heard you! This blog post answers all all the queries we didn't get round to."

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The marketing revolution your education couldn’t prepare you for

Analyzing S.W.O.T, memorizing the 4Ps of the marketing mix—and let’s not forget scrutinizing the infamous, long-winded marketing ‘bible’, Kotler’s ‘The Principles of Marketing.’ Did any of my marketing degree actually prepare me for the frantic, fast-paced world of martech? Can school really prepare you for the marketing world? 

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Navigating the Incomprehensible World of Martech

The ever-changing landscape of marketing technology doesn't have to be intimidating. We'll help you by guiding you through the fundamentals of aquiring the essential martech 'stack'.

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The best marketing conferences of 2017

Marketing & branding conferences and events are a great way to get your brand out there while making sure you stay up-to-date on marketing trends, predictions, best practices and creative inspiration. To help you in your quest for the best, we made a chronological overview of the best marketing conferences of 2017 across North America and Europe.. We’ve included when it is, where it is, a short summary, and number of attendees. We hope it helps you to get a grip on your marketing event calendar and make the most out of your event budget. In the event we missed a good one, please feel free to comment!

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Holiday countdown: 25 days of marketing with Bynder

Hate it or love it, but it’s time to dust off the old christmas balls, buy some new gifts and prepare yourself for the multi-day binge-eating fest we call Christmas. As we slowly approach this day we would like to bring some joy by providing you with some best practises  in marketing. Everyday we have a new tip or trick, handy tool, or just something very cool.

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Movember: What the Byndies think about it

Men all over the world start growing their beards. It is not just about fun but mainly about raising awareness for men's health. Check out what our Byndies think about Movember.

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Becoming a Byndie: How Bynder makes joining the team a piece of cake

Starting a new job is exciting for anyone. In this new environment you need to find your way and figure out if it even was the right choice to switch in the first place? At Bynder you will immediately find out that a lot has been done to ensure a smooth on-boarding. Read how employees get prepared for their new job!

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