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Lidia Lüttin - Chief Marketing Officer

Lidia Lüttin

Chief Marketing Officer

The Top 5 Goals of Marketers for 2014

The Content Marketing Institute together with Marketing Profs recently released “B2B Content Marketing Report 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends”. In it, they present the top 5 goals of marketers for 2014. 

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Workflow Management and What It Can Do for You (Part II)

In the first blog post of this series on managing workflows, I covered what workflow management is and what purpose such tools serve for marketing and brand managers. With this article, I would like to cover the best approach to defining workflows.

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The Advantages of SaaS

Software as a Service means that the software functions as a service that is provided directly by the vendor. This means that you do not need to install Bynder on your own servers, but simply access it through the Internet via a web browser.There are several major advantages to SaaS over on-premise solutions:

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Workflow Management and What It Can Do for You (Part I)

What is a Workflow? A workflow is essentially another word for a project’s “process”. Management of workflows refers to the management of the process of making use of corporate resources. For marketeers and brand managers, media production workflows refer specifically to the production of new digital media, editing existing content, and creating translations.

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Why Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

Our most recent update from a purely digital asset management (DAM) software to a marketing resource management (MRM) software is a great opportunity for us to explain what MRM is and why a marketing resource management solution should be present in every company.

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