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Lidia Lüttin - Chief Marketing Officer

Lidia Lüttin

Chief Marketing Officer

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Editorial Calendar Template

Not only does an editorial calendar add structure to your content marketing, it also helps your team develop a habit of producing content, helping you to build traffic to your website or blog

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Branding Automation: Case Study

Read how branding automation helped global company, AkzoNobel, maintain a consistent brand image in our case study.

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How does branding automation create value for your brand?

With branding automation, branding professionals can bring all of their tools together and control all stages of the content lifecycle in one place. Learn why branding automation is a must for your company. 

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What Is All the Fuss About Branding Automation?

Branding Automation is a big topic of conversation in the last few years. Check out what it can do for your company.

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Brand Management Solution

Every company selling a product or service is out there to market a brand, whether that company is a large multinational organization or a medium-sized business. This brand needs to be easily distinguishable from the competition, and create clearly identifiable, positive associations. A brand management portal will help you accomplish this. ...

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What Big Data Means for Lead Generation

In only a few short years, “Big Data” has become a buzzword. White papers, blog posts, and editorials have been written in the thousands that describe how to aggregate and mine data in order to leverage it for marketing and customer success purposes.

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Marketing Automation: What You’re Missing Out On

Bynder’s marketing team has a new toy, and it’s called marketing automation (MA). For those of you who don’t yet know what marketing automation is, let me clarify. MA is a software tool that helps you automate certain processes within your marketing activities. As a result, you will be left with more time for the really valuable aspects of your work, as you will end up spending less time on administrative tasks.

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4 Qualities That Make A Team Love Its Leader

If you’ve ever lead a team, you’ll know that some aspects of leadership are going to be unpleasant. Giving criticism, assigning tasks, and enforcing deadlines while still managing to be liked by your team is never an easy feat.

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So, What Makes Bynder Different?

Our product manager Mark Tenniglo explains more about our unique approach and what makes Bynder special.

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Media Creation Bottlenecks

Creating new marketing materials can take a long time, resulting in a longer than necessary time to market for new campaigns. Moreover, marketing campaign delays happen to be one of the biggest cost-contributing factors.

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