Articles by Eva Vree

Former Marketing Manager Benelux

Welcome to Bynder, aka Developers Paradise!

Find out why Bynder is also known as Developers Paradise. Like it? Check out our career page and you might be part of the team soon!

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N is the new icon – a Netflix original?

Find out what Netflix's new icon means for their original logo and their overall brand image.

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Google Waves Goodbye to Conventional SERPS: Will You Be Affected?

Find out everything you need to know about Google’s redesigned search results page—including how to make it work for you.

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Can WhatsApp Ever Be a Marketing Tool?

Can WhatsApp ever be used as a marketing tool? Click here to find out.

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Aligning Branding and Marketing in a Global Enterprise

We take a look at the differences between branding and marketing and how they can be aligned. Click here to read.

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How to Get Your Brand Out There: The Three Cs of Content Marketing

This guide takes you through the 3 stages of the content lifecycle: creation, cultivation and consumption.

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