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Emily Kolvitz - DAM Consultant

Emily Kolvitz

DAM Consultant

7 steps to build a DAM taxonomy with a card sorting exercise

Build a DAM taxonomy for your organization's digital files can seem like a daunting task. But you can make it easy for yourself and your colleagues with a simple card sorting exercise.

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Improve knowledge sharing with digital asset management

DAM can be a tool to facilitate knowledge sharing across your organization. Read on to find out how. 

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How to market the #*&! out of your digital asset management initiative

Organizations must see change as an opportunity. And this is key to ensure DAM adoption is maximized throughout a company. Discover how to get the most bang for your buck from your digital asset management marketing initiatives. 

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Take a DAM survey

Discover best practices for carrying out a survey in your organization to recognize business requirements, and implement a DAM project effectively.

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Optimizing your digital files for SEO

Discover the most effective ways to optimize your digital files for SEO purposes. 

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How to stop sucking at managing your digital files

If everyone excelled at easily finding, sharing and using content when they need it most, then the digital asset management industry wouldn’t be expanding its global revenue to an almost five-billion dollar mark in the next three to five years. It’s an expensive problem to solve that many companies and individuals are making their life’s work. Yet are we actually any closer to making sure finding, sharing and using files is easy for everyone?

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Do your DAM homework

Not sure where to get started with your DAM initiative?  Here’s a shortlist of everything you need to do to get a digital asset management project up and running in no time. 

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Create a taxonomy for digital asset management in 5 easy steps

Use this straight-forward how to guide to create your own taxonomy and metadata schema for your digital asset management system.   

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How to find your DAM champion

Do you have a Digital Asset Management project? The first step is identifying who at your organization will own the project. Whether it's a new hire or existing team member, finding your DAM champion is crucial!

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10 fun facts about digital asset management

Companies spend big bucks on creating and managing digital assets! Here are10 facts about digital asset management systems that will lend some perspective to the dollars and cents of the digital assets we use every single day.

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