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Daniel Schafrat - Head of Solution

Daniel Schafrat

Head of Solution

New Features February 2015

We love continuous development, which is why we release new features and functionalities regularly - usually, every month. The following are the new features we released for February.

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Branding A Commodity

Brand consultants love a challenge, which is why, around a year ago, there was somewhat of a furor in our department when a well-known German toilet paper manufacturer called to book a consultation session...

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Digital Asset Management Storage: how much do we need?

We get quite a few RFI's (requests for proposals) from companies, so they can compare offerings fairly. More than often we see that there are high expectations of the storage amounts needed.

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Loading Time and Ecommerce Sales - The power of CDN

We rarely pay due attention to the loading time of our webshops. The fact is, that when it comes to sales, even seconds play a role. This was the conclusion of one Canadian company, Strangeloop (see infographic ) . 

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The Web as your extended Desktop?

Developing a full-on web application that is suitable as an enterprise-solution is a painstaking process. It requires focus, a lot of energy, and Time. In short, one could argue that it requires passion. At Bynder, we feel very strongly that also corporate applications can be, or even need to be, intuitive to use, simple to understand, and great to look at.

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A simplified workflow with our CMS API

We regularly hear from customers how much time it takes to spread Images in the right resolution, size, or cropped version. Again and again ...

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Why use a DAM API

The more techy readers might have heard of the term API before, or Application Programming Interface. But what does it exactly mean? And why should you want to use it?

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Why the cloud?

Once every so often, we get asked about the possibilities for a local installation. That’s why we decided to write things down, and take away the anxiety for a fully cloud-based corporate solution. 

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Bynder as Image Repository Software

In today’s business, so many are constantly on the lookout to make an extra dime. Because time is money, after all. Lead times need to be shortened, productivity has to be raised. As Michael Douglas already famously said as Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987): “Greed is good”...

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Image Management Software

Marketeers probably recognize this next bit as no other - over 70% of your message is not about the text itself. It’s about the visual communication. An image therefore represents a big part of your audience’s perception.

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