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Chris Hall - Group CEO

Chris Hall

Group CEO

Digital Asset Management Is Dead.

Old school, locally installed, database-like legacy DAM software, is dead. I feel that digital asset management software should be developed with the needs of brand and marketing managers in mind. The philosophy behind them should be that they become the invisible binding force that connects digital asset management and other marketing software tools - i.e. perfectly integrated and designed around the end user.

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Happy Holidays from the Bynder Team!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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Google Single Sign-On and Why It Is SSO So Convenient

Most people these days use Google in one capacity or another, either in their personal or professional life, or both.

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Pre-Select Downloads, New Upload Screen, and Workflow Dashboard

We have a fantastic new batch of functionalities being released this month. The following are some of our favourites.

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Adding Further Security Features to Your SaaS Services

These past weeks, the world was hit by the biggest online security scare in a while – the notorious “Heartbleed” bug. Whether it was the slick graphic that inevitably accompanied every news item featuring the bug, the horror flick-like monicker, or even simply the fact that it’s been a while since anyone has threatened to mess with global computing (Y2K bug, anyone?), the bug itself became a celebrity.

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The hidden costs of on-premise software and storage

Our customers often consider various types of Brand Portal solutions, and especially with DAM-focused projects, local storage solutions might seem tempting. But hidden costs are easily overlooked. Here are some tips to help prevent surprises: 

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Bynder Infographic 2013: a year in overview

Since 2013 is almost at it's end, we can look back at an amazing year. Thank you for your trust and accompanying us on our way from easy-to-use digital asset management software to the most user-friendly online brand portal tool out there. Check out this Infographic and see what we & our customers have accomplished over the last 12 months. 

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DPI's, vs. Resolution vs. English

Sometimes you hear the Print guy saying: "It needs to be 300DPI!!" , or the Photograher mumbiling: "the images are high-res, raw JPEG, should be fine", and all you bring out is: "WTF?" DPI, pixels, JPEG, PMS, RBG colors, EPS files, screen resolution? Dazzled by mambo-jambo? We'll help you out and explain what it all means... in English!

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The dangers of using FTP to send and receive large files

FTP or "File transfer protocol" is basically the classic way to share large files. But is it safe? What are the drawbacks?

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What makes the perfect online image bank software?

I often lay awake at night wondering what the next steps for our image bank software should be. Where's the industry going? What's the bottleneck for our customers? And what will it be next year? So, what makes the best digital asset management tool?

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