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Chris Hall - Group CEO

Chris Hall

Group CEO

Bynder and Webdam; tech’s new power couple

Bynder is happy to announce our acquisition of fellow digital asset management provider, Webdam, in an exciting new partnership for the DAM industry. Welcome to the team Webdam!

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Bynder's 2017 in review

From the successful OnBrand '17 to the launch of Orbit, 2017 has been a great year for Bynder. Check out all our highlights from the past year with our exciting end-of-year video. 

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Bynder Remote Week

Remote work gives you the flexibility and mental freedom to tackle projects in the order that you see fit. It also eliminates needless interruptions, meetings, distractions and office chitchat that can take precious time away from your priorities.

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Artificial intelligence and the future of DAM

Despite its futuristic connotations, artificial intelligence (AI) itself is nothing new. Given its success in daily activities, it’s easy to see how this technology can translate perfectly into the digital asset management (DAM) environment. Read how Bynder uses AI capabilities to revolutionize the way marketers work!

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Investments, ink, and team spirit: This week at Bynder

It's been a busy week at Bynder. Chris Hall, our Founder, and CEO announced a huge Series A investment, funded by Insight Venture Partners, and revealed he had a little something else hidden up his sleeve.

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Bynder scoops $22m in Series A funding

We're excited to announce that Bynder has secured $22m in its first round of funding! This is a big day for Bynder. When we founded the company in 2013, little did we know that just three years later we’d have over 150,000 users across more than 350 brands around the globe and have a team of over 200 people.

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Bynder's Story

For SuperbCrew's Founder Story series, Chris Hall, Bynder CEO, shares his story of how Bynder started and where we are today.

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From Startup to Scale-Up

Chris Hall, Bynder CEO, shares his thoughts on Amsterdam's tech scene in The Drum

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Brand Recognition, Frank Underwood Style

The fact that traditional marketing methods such as TV advertising, radio commercials and print are on the decline is old news. I don’t need to spell out the “why” for you: more and more people are getting their entertainment content online, commercial-less; print media output has shrunk.

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This Interface sUX! Why You’re Doing UX Design Wrong

A new or improved “UX,” or user interface, seems to be high on everyone’s list of priorities these days. I’ve read several analyst reports, blog posts, and roadmaps from other vendors that all list a redesigned UX as either being on their roadmap or among their list of recent accomplishments. 

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